How many days a week do you drink?

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Feb 7, 2010
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Well I have a borderline problem with alcohol. Back in the days on the submarine I had duty to regulate it. Now no duty so I pretty much drink six days a week. How about you guys?
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All eight days. LOL I have a drink when ever I feel like it and somedays its more then others. Always more in mixed company. Other times could go a week without any.
It all depends how you are drinking during those six days. My wife and I usually enjoy a glass or two of wine about 5 days out of the week. I would not even begin to say that is close to a problem. Now, if you drink yourself into a drunken stupor 6 nights a week then you may have a problem. Before you go labeling yourself a drunk though, try to determine what the real problem is. Most times other people are the problem, and the drink is the solution. Eradicate the people, the need to drink heavily dissipates. :n :)
Haha. I don't come feel the need to come home and drink my life away. I drink a few beers/wines/drinks a night. Some days I don't feel like it. I work rotating shift work. There is nothing quite like going to the bar at 8am when others are going to work. One of the few things i'll miss about the navy.
No more than seven. Also, it depends HOW MUCH you drink, not how often.

I limit my drinking wine to no more than 168 hours a week ...

Naw, seriously, my wife and I usually have a glass or two of wine each night with dinner. If we have folks over, maybe open a second bottle.

Alcoholism runs in my family ... and I'm always on guard about drinking too much.

No alcoholic can point to the drink that pushed them over the edge.

It's really not a pretty picture ... so we are constantly monitoring our drinking and our motives for drinking.
I look at it several ways..
My dad was a hardcore alcoholic. A pint of Jim Beam or Early times every night was a starter. On good nights that would do it, on bad nights it was a quart by himself.
The next morning he got up every morning and went to work.
Some nights, I'll have a bottle of wine, either mine or store bought. Some nights a little stronger venture that I've been trying.
Other nights, nothing.
Now, my dad got ugly and angry when he got tight.
When I get buzzed, I get happy to the point of being almost giggly. Nancy gets a laugh at it when I'm like that.
If I had insurance and a good doctor, he would probably prescribe pain killers for my back, hip and shoulders. But I don't. So a good drink or two, sure helps me sleep better for the five or six hours I do sleep a night.
As long as it never causes you problems, then I can't see a problem with drinking.
But I have a couple simple rules. No, and I mean no driving after any drinking.
And not laying a hand on the woman who keeps me company.
It's hard to dodge a cast iron frying pan, when buzzed.
Actually not much at all. After doing some yard work Ill have a home brew and ifm it wen down really nice and is nice out Ill have another 1 or 2 out on the deck. Other times Ill have a glass or 2 of wine maybe once or twice a week. The only time I ever drink more then that is when people are over or I go to the bar which isnt very often at all. Very rarely will I come home and have a Whiskey and coke and if so you know Ive had a bad day but if I go to the bar thats all I drink.
I usually have about 1 to no more then 2 glasses of wine each night. The biggest thing that helps me stay at or under that total amount per night is the size headache I'll have the next day from going over the amount I gave at the start of my post.

I cant drink like I used to do when I was in the military many moons ago. Back then I could drink myself broke in 1 week and had to stay sober for a week before I got my next paycheck.After I got out and started working at the company I'm still at now I was THE on-call guy for about 20 years. So kicking back at the end of the day now I don't feel bad about my small relaxing habit I have.
Usually a glass of red wine in the evening, rarely two, sometimes a glass of wine with a meal and occasionally a beer after working outside. My wife does not drink other than a glass of white chocolate port once in a while - it's the only thing I make that she likes!
I drink every day so it doesn't matter how many days or in a week. i guess I drink about 30 days a month. Hic. Richt noe it jis JD.
I drink occasionally. Not much really, but mostly beer and mixed drinks during the summer. Got a particularly good rum stashed away that gets drunk neat once in a while. Wine is more of a winter drink.

I really don't like being impaired, so it's easy to take it easy.
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I drink every "day" that ends in DAY. Like MonDAY,TuesDAY..etc..
I have a glass of wine every night before I eat. SOmetimes I have another later or a beer. Of course there are nights I have more if with friends.:)
I am on call for work one week every 5 so those weeks I have nothing.
I rarely drink on any day of the week. The evenings are a different story, however. :)
:DI have a glass almost every night...does testing batches in morning and drinking what doesnt fit in bottles count too? :D
anything from 3 glasses to one bottle of red per evening after work in the week, on weekends I mix drinks and get far too pissed.
I used to drink beer everyday, now I drink red wine and I rarely get hangovers unless I really overdo it. (if I havent mixed)