how I answered the "can you make me pot wine" ?

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Aug 18, 2009
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There are more than a few dope smoker up here where I live. They ask me all the time about making pot wine. Today I told this guy I could but he would need to bring the pot and I needed 30 pounds for a batch. He did the math in his head and the wine would cost about $3000 a bottle. I laughed my but off and he decided it was a bad idea:h:::)
Too bad he doesn't live here where it is legal(to a point), the math would be different. But only an idiot would do that anyways.
I know someone who back in the early seventies, used left over stems to make some pot tea. Then not knowing any better, let is sit a few days in the sealed bottle.
Yep, wild yeast and the sugar it fermented and was tasting pretty good. :slp I mean I heard it was tasting good.
But not knowing anything, they let it sit a little while longer and it turned bad.
This subject came up a while back and I did a little looking and found out about a beer they make in the Netherlands with marijuana. The beer itself was something crazy like 8% plus its"flavorings" Man, I can only imagine. Still think it would be a waste. I like Snickers cany bars and I love Kim Chee, but I am pretty sure I wouldn't want to mix them. LOL
THC content

Don't have a clue as to how you would go about making marijauna wine but was wondering if during the process the THC content would be eliminated or at least decreased.
THC is soluable in alcohol, so I imagine it wouldn't change, but, so I heard, the potency of MJ nowadays is pretty strong. Still think it would be a waste. Kind of like cooking with your $70 bottle of wine.
Seems strange to mix them really. They are such different types of "highs".
I noticed the difference in highs. if I go into the public after drinking wine I say hello to everyone. If I go out to them after the very few rare times I inhaled I ask everyone "whassup". Not to much of a problem really, but the little old ladies in the produce isle look at me funny.

Guess no matter what you need to be friendly and say "hello"


You are definitely right on the point of it being too expensive, besides the idea of some drug sniffing dog going crazy with one of your carboys.
at the risk of getting this thread locked...yes, alcohol is a good solution for THC. everclear in particular can extract 'useful' things from cannabis leaving you with a more potent beverage.

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