Hmm..never bought nylons before

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Oct 26, 2008
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:D True,! These threads are really hard to folow in here. We were talking about nylons, I believe it was a discussion on topping off. So anyway, what type sould I get? 100% nylon, 20% asadyscetria? What do you recommmend? I was asking most specifically about a "fruit" bag. Speaking about fruits, I think I'm gonna go with a banana type next, Wade sent me a pretty good strarting point, but was wondering about which type of nylon to use. And do you think I would look better in light brown or sheer?:D
I always take 100% nylon and those that match the
color of my eyes best......

Look at the denier number that gives a hint about the tightly woven srtucture and thicknes of the nylon threads.
I am no expert on this so ask a lady or a salespreson.
Or open a package and look how the nylon is 'woven'

The last packages I bought were 20 denier.
I think however the differences are not as significant for
our purposes as they might be for wearing them.

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And just think I bought a couple packs of knee highs a couple of weeks ago
and never considered my eye color :mad:
5 gallon paint straining bags work better but I doubt they match your eyes.
wade, we've been discussing nylons as a "mesh bag", but are they tolerant for boiling, or is this just good for "seeping", if the same discussions have been going on in regards to using pastic for primary and/or secondary, doesn't it seem to you, and the rest of us, that nylon should be considered as well? I don't know, I am truly asking an opinion....and so? If I'm not mistaken, Nylon is a product made from petroleum, plastic is made from petroleum, I do believe. Any corelation. Not trying to cause an argument, just trying to learn amongst us all.

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