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Feb 8, 2009
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Hello fellow winers... errr... I mean vintners :p

I've been making homemade wine for well over 30 years now, if you count me and my brother's attempts at making "apple-mash" in our closets when I was 14 years old. Our mom used to wonder where her bread yeast went... Anyway, I have progressed a bit since those early days. Honest!

My tastes have changed a little in the last 30 years as well, and swish that was drinkable as a teenager wouldn't be as appealing to me today (understatement). I like making (and drinking) big reds; the kind that need to bulk age at least a year and another 1 or 2 in the bottle before drinking; the kind that really takes over my senses.

I just wish 30 years ago we had the resources that new winemakers have, with the Internet and sources of modern equipment and such. Back in the late 70's when I started to get a bit serious with "country" wines, it was mostly a trial and error affair, during which I made a few incredible disasters that were promptly thrown out in various stages.

Even today, the best I can do is consistently make wines that taste as good as the average commercial wines I enjoy. On those rare occasions that I've made a great wine, it was a complete accident. Every few years I get a wine that is really amazing, "unique", and unfortunately impossible to duplicate.
Welcome, and might I ask what do you currently have going right now? Anything still fermenting or currently aging in carboys for you?
welcome! these guys are very helpfull hear, Now i guess i can look forward to some of your advice!! :D
Welcome to our forum Sky, I hope you can offer us some knowledge and perhaps we can send you some as well.:) I am looking forward to your insight and suggestions.
You'll meet some nice friends in here there a several members who share you passion. Looking forward to some of the discussions you may bring up about the way "it used to be"
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Welcome, and might I ask what do you currently have going right now? Anything still fermenting or currently aging in carboys for you?

Hi there Racer, I've currently got 3 23L carboys containing "something" and will be starting another batch this weekend. The one still fermenting is a Cellar Classic 18L merlot skin kit (yes I still use kits, especially good kits on sale :D )

The other two have completed fermentation and include a Shiraz (fermented on skins) and a "Ruby Cabernet" juice only that's a blend of cab and carignane.

I still haven't decided what to start this weekend... maybe something completely different.. gewurztraminer with a blush of dried elder? Hmmm....

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