hey all

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burgundy win
he also has removeable tops that had tomatoes in them
thanks wade

also have a deal going on some 275 gal tanks, the guy has 20 of them
they had stuff in them thats extends the milk life .going to check them out
Good for you!!!!!!!!! Im guessing thats why you are buying new bottles also. Do you have all the permits already? Where do you stand and whay and how much do you have growing?

My Son is taking care of that part just getting this started lic cost
100.00 its the paper work that takes the time
have charonnay , making, naked white burgundy'
might get 100 gals if i can keep the birds off making pear wine
600 lbs to start with
my ex wife gran dad made wine in france they put a bottle on the brench
the pear grew in the bottle when they bottled, the pear was in the bottle thats where they got ther name I have their Resp.