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Jul 22, 2010
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Wine bottles are made from extremely durable glass, which is why if you ever tour around old homes in Europe, you'll find families holding onto piles of dusty relics dating back a hundred years or more. While there's probably not a way to use every single wine bottle we're likely to consume over our lifetime, we can certainly make a good dent on giving them a second life.

* Water Carafes: One of our favorite re-uses, hands down, is to keep three chilled bottles in the fridge at any given time, which is not only a treat on a hot day, it's a great way to avoid wasting tap water while you wait for it to achieve the desired temperature.
* Infused Oils: Check out this article for instructions on how to infuse your own oil, which you can store in your lovely, clean bottles. Half bottles are particularly good for this one.
* Kombucha: Another MIY treat, check out this article for the deets on Kombucha with a link on making your own tasty cure-all beverage.

For the rest of our suggestions on how to re-purpose wine bottles, read the whole article here:

I dont know about overseas BUT, here I fill the empty wine bottles with more wine.
Maybe you guys just arebt making enough wine cause I never have enough. I hav to try my dump this weekend for another 130 bottles and a few 1 gallon jugs for overage.
I actually have several dozens of cases of wine bottles in storage, It gives me hope that some day I will put wine into them.

Wait till Leanne gets there. She will straighten you out... :pic
Its looking straighter everday!

I never knew if you stack cases of wine bottles against they go up straight.

All this time I have been just tossing them in a heap!!

Have you ever seen the house that was built with wine bottles on extreme house? Pretty cool. When I was a kid the best thing you could use empty wine bottles for was target shooting. I have over 60 cases in my basement now waiting to be filled and have are already cleaned and delabeled. At the end of September I will preobably be picking up another 50-75 cases.

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