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Nov 5, 2006
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Musto is conducting a free online bottling class on Thursday. While I have no idea what else I have to learn, I plan to attend as I learn something.

I just noticed that their email says the class is titled "How to Get Your Wine Ready to Bottle", but the announcement says the class is "Bench Trials", which was their last one. Looks like a cut-n-paste error.

Winemaking Classes:
Our next Facebook Live/Zoom class will be Thursday, July 27th at 7:00PM EDT. Join us for our class about How Bench Trials are used to test a product to determine if it will help your wine and the best dosage to select. The class will be held via Facebook Live & Zoom. Make sure to log in and watch as we chat at 7:00PM EDT on Thursday, July 27th.
Zoom Link: Zoom
Facebook Live: How do you access Facebook Live? It’s easy. Go to Musto’s Facebook Page on the given date/time, and Frank’s class will automatically pop up on your screen. There you can ask questions in real-time. We hope you enjoy this series and look forward to bringing you more information to help you make your favorite wine!
Don’t forget that you can always access Frank Renaldi’s online classes via our sister site

I looked at Musto's sites and can't find the links to the class on either. It appears one must be on their mailing list to get notification. I messaged Musto, suggesting they update their site, but have not received a reply so far.

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