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Oct 14, 2009
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It seems I know a few you you guys from FVW already.
Thought I'd check out the "Other" forum too.
For those of you I don't already know a bit about, I'm Dan from Westminster, MD.
I've recently finished bottling my first kit (A WE Bergamais) I have a Blueberry Shiraz in primary for another day or two and a one gallon batch of grapefruit & peach clearing.

I'm fairly new to wine making but it's become a passion.

Nice to meet you all.
Welcome aboard, glad you came on over to become a part of this community as well. :b
hello Dan and welcome to our forum..

always glad to have another obsessed member!


Welcome to this forum Dan. Bummer ypou dont have any of your own wine to serve this year for the Holiday but if you keep some hidden youll have plenty for next year!