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Feb 19, 2010
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A big hello to everyone from the southern Adirondack foothills.

Just wanted to introduce myself as a new member who is also new to wine making, as I rekindle with a lost family tradition. I'm Portuguese, and my father made his own "pure wine" (as he called it) made from local grapes naturally fermented, and only using limited amount of preservative/sulfite.

I'm sad to have watched but not learned his craft, but I shall at least try to learn what I can in my lifetime, and pass that knowledge to others.

My first attempt is using a WE kit, the lower end VR Cabernet Sauvignon acquired this past birthday as a gift. I began primary fermentation on 2/7/2010 and have moved on to secondary on 2/12. Currently noting a stable (3 days in a row) SG of 0.994 after just 7 days in the secondary, and looking to move on to step #3.

Anyway, I will be posting questions as needed, but only after searching the archives for previously answered material.

Welcome to the forum Funk. lots of great people in here willing to help. Quite a few speak wine from the perspective you mentioned, "the old way".

Feel free to ask anything, more than likely someeone willbe able to answer.

The search in here isn't Google but alot of info can be found just looking around in there.

If you have a particular question, we can most likely point you in a direction of a previous thread to help answer your inquiring mind.

Welcome Gruv and glad to have you here. im also glad that you and your father use sulfites.
Greetings from northern NY. I travel to Ballston Spa about once a year for Heluva Rukus. Great area you have there. Good luck with your first wine.
Welcome! This really is a great place with a lot of knowledge and nice people.

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