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Jul 21, 2007
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Hope I can get help and advice!:)
After a few years of using kits to make my wine (mostly red), starting with the cheap moving to the better ones. Now just started to make beer and my first lot was ace (friends polished it off in a week)!:mad:
I am now starting to get the fruit and start from scratch! First demijohn was clear and a great taste, but was like juice, very low in alcohol if any?:mad: :mad: :
So new member here…. Needs help… and wants to learn.
I do not want to make wine and beer just to get drunk (although that is an added bonus) I enjoy the making of it and enjoy an odd glass or 3 to relax on a night.
Welcome. Fire away with your questions. I am sure we can provide the answers you seek. Look forward to hearing about your experiences.