Hello from NW Michigan!

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Jan 2, 2010
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Very nice forum with a lot of good info!
Just started my first wine project but have been doing the math for about two years. So far it's coming along good, I'm in to the secondary fermitation stage. Doing a Pinot Noir which can be kinda tricky from what I've read.

Live close to Lake Michigan and plan on starting a vineyard for personal use to start with. Looking in to vine varieties still at this point.

Just wanted to say howdy!
Time for a little vino!
Welcome! What hardiness zone do you live in? I'm 5A here in northeastern side of Il. Are you looking to try and plant vines this spring?
Are you making this wine from grapes? Not many wines are harder then any others really. Some are more labor up front while others are more labor later but it all works out about ven by the end. Glad to have you aboard!
Welcome from another Michigander!!
NW Mich? TC area? Lots of nice vinyards in that area.
You could grow some great grapes up there. Good luck:br
Possible vines for cold climate

I am 70 miles south of Traverse City, it's a 5 a or b zone, 2 - 3 miles from Lake Michigan which should help not getting frost, and I would like to make wine from grapes grown on my property.
I would like to plant the vines this spring but still haven't picked them out.
Id like to start out with at least 4 different types of vines as a test. I have had soil samples done and have adjusted it about two years ago.
My property in on sandy/loamy soil with good drainage and wide open with lots of sun.
The cold temps will be the factor. I see the U of Minnesota have cold hardy vines they have been working with.
I don't know the quality of wine these cold climate vines will make or what kind of market there would be for them like a "King of the North" or "Marquette" but I might try them.
"Leon Millot" is one I can't find for sale anywhere but I would like to try. Also, Frontenac, DeChaunac, Gewurztrainer, Catawba, Niagara, Baco Noir all possibilities.
Any ideas?
Well I don't know where all you've been looking but try northeastern vine supply http://www.nevinesupply.com/ and double A vineyards http://www.rakgrape.com/

I've ordered vines from both places and both have provided me with good product everytime. As far as what vines would be good to plant? I'd like to ask you if you have tried wines made from any of the grapes you have listed or not. If not, try and do a road trip or 2. Visit some of the near by wineries so you have a better idea of what you like. Plus you can talk to the wineries and find out what they have a need for too, besides getting an idea of how some varieties do in your area.