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Hello and welcome to the forum,

what have you made so far?

Hi.. Allie, the wife and I made 2 wine kits made by Wine Experts.. We bottled one kit last weekend and this weekend we'll be bottling the other.. This has been fun for us..

We just started making some wine from frozen concentrates that we hope turns out good..

In the near future we'll be wanting to make wine from scratch..
Welcome to the forum X, and wife! This is a great place to learn about wine making.

We all love making our own, it really is a lot of fun and quite addicted. Believe it or not there are those who are addicted to maling wine, and they don't even drink! Go figure!:)

I encourage you to use the search in here. It isn't google but it is very good to locate the info you might be looking for. It is for THIS site so you can find lots of info.

And read through some of the past posts etc. Great info from great people. If you are serious about winemaking you have found yourself in the right place.

The administaration on this site is excellent.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions.

hiya Xdriver,

I quite like kits as an icebreaker.. you can drink them earlier too!

..there are quite a few tried and tested recipes posted here by members.. alternatively if you feel like getting creative and adventurous.. just post your recipe if you need help tweaking it.. we have a lot of members that buy grape juice buckets from vineyards and make their own varietals.. and some of ( me for instance) enjoy making fruit based wines from whatever we have in the garden and fruit juices from the supermarket. Lots of us make kit wines and a few ciders and beers..

If you can't find the answer to anything.. be sure to post and someone will be more than happy to give you a hand


X, I "speak" wine from concentrates and it can work quite well.
Howdy Neighbor...:b

It's good to see another Region Rat posting.

Thx for all the welcomes.. This forum is loaded with info.. I can't believe how hooked we are in the makings of wine..

My Uncle Butch from the Western foothill of TN. turned us on to his homemade wine and man was it good.. He's been in the makings for 30 yrs..

We haven't told him yet what we're doing cause I think he'll be surprised when we call him or visit him in a year from now and bring bottles to share..
Welcome aboard, glad to have you here. Look forward to reading your posts. Keep up updated on your progress.

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