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Oct 18, 2016
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Greetings All!

Just introducing myself as seems customary when joining a forum of any kind. A little about me so you'll know where I'm coming from...

Age - 40
Retired Air Force (20.5 years) - stationed in NE, Germany, NC, and CA (20 min from Napa). Worked in a tasting room here in North Georgia for just over a year--best job ever, but the boss's wife was too much to handle and I left (still on great terms with the owner so I have a great point of contact as far as that goes).

I started making my own beer two years ago--but only got a couple batches done before I retired/left California (I haven't gone back to that yet). I started my first batch of wine (kit) in the summer of 2015 and since then I've completed 5 batches (sangiovese, pinot noir, cab sav, zin-syrah, and meza luna). I put everything on hold after that last batch until I bought a new house and moved in. Now that I've been in my new house for about 3 weeks and unpacked MOST of my stuff...I've started a Watermelon-Strawberry w/Jalepenos & Mint (my father-in-law gave me about 10 watermelons and I didn't know what else to do with them) and the next day I started another Sangiovese batch--which I acquired 2 gallons of the best Merlot Georgia has to offer and I'll be mixing it together for my own style of Chianti.

I'm looking forward to going through (many) postings in the forum and getting to know all of you---there's SO much to learn and just when you think you've got it....you realize that knowledge is only a drop in the bottle. Cheers!

Mike :r
Welcome fellow retired USAF - we got into wine & beer making about 3 years ago and love it! This is a fantastic forum you'll enjoy perusing the threads!
Welcome to the forum!

Awesome first post. Thanks for sharing.
Welcome Mike! Wish I was retired (just turned 54, need four kids to evacuate the house then a few years to build up the funds). Hope all of your batches turn out great. Nice you made beer, helps to have something to drink while waiting for all of this wine to get ready. :ft
Mike, I used to live in N. Ga, Mc Caysville area. Started my wine making there. The wineries in N. Ga. Have really improved over the past few years. Welcome to the best forum on winemaking! Roy
Welcome to the forum Mike. You have come to the right place for good advice on wine making. Great people here with lots to share. Enjoy!