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Hi all
New to wine making and was never a big wine drinker. I have a ton of wild Concord looking grape growing on my stonewall. My wife make some jelly from them and I want to try some wine. They are far from sweet eating grapes as they are quite tart. Does anyone have any suggestions on a wine to try to make on a budget for my experiment to see if its my bag. We like a sweet wine. Thanks Boon:)
Hey Boon. Our neighbors and I share a PVC fence that is covered in the same grapes. We too this year will be trying to make wine from this. I specialize (done it before) in kit wine, but the other neighbor specializes in fresh fruit wine. She will be trying this experiment. Lets keep tabs on our progress together!
Welcome. Do you have any winemaking equipment at all? You will need to check the Brix (sugar content) and acid levels of your grapes to determine what adjustments will be needed to use the grapes to make your wine. Are they true Concord grapes? Every Concord I have eaten has been very sweet. Look forward to your questions.

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