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Aug 3, 2008
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Hi my name is Chris and I'm from London Ontario. I'm 48 years old and have come to the conclusion that if I don't start making my own wine my wife is going to put me in the poor house. At this point I'm starting from square one so I'll be asking alot of dumb questions so bear with me :eek:

Cheers !!!
Welcome Chris:

I hope your wife enjoys the wine that you make, but I must warn you that consumption will likely increase and there is a lot of short term costs in terms of multiple carboys and other equipment.

Will you be making kits or going with fresh fruit?

You should add 'London Ontario' to the location field.

Hi cpfan,
Today I scored six 5 gallon carboys for 5 bucks each off a guy on Kijiji...Doing good so far !!!!
As for what I'm going to use to start things off,not sure but from what I've been reading it says to use the concentrate at the begining just in case of screw ups ???? What do you think cpfan ???
As for consumption...I think its reached its peak with my wife years ago....Any time she's at home there is a glass of wine near by here somewhere......I figure 250 bucks a month getting washed down just by her alone never mind my beer intake !!!! :D

Cheers !!

I am definitely a wine kit kinda guy. Given where you live in Canada, you should have a wide assortment of kits available. Give me some clue about what she likes to drink and I'll toss out some suggestions.

Any thoughts to making some beer? I recommend Brewhouse, Brewers Spring and Baron kits. I don't like the Coopers style cans of malt.

Congrats on the carboys.

OK,Carol likes white strawberry simfendale..Not sure if I got the spelling right...
Lots of options down here when it comes to wine kits.I figure I'll be doing at least three batches a month until I can get a wine rack filled and then ease up a little...Making beer has always been on my list of things to do as well but I figure I should at least get the wine down first and then move to the beer....Thanks for the heads up on the beer kits !!

Strawberry White Zinfandel???

Thats one of the mist kits that I mentioned.

If you're looking around kit stores ask about Big n Easy Bottle Brew. It's VERY easy, and comes in a 2 litre pop bottle. Pilsner, Red, and Cerveza flavours. Should be about $7. (Note to others - only in Canada, I believe.)

wine kits

I have been making great wine from " Winexpert " kits for several years. It is a B.C. Canada company . I highly recommend them .

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