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Wonder if rhe asj can be fermented? I'm a few hundred miles north this time, no word if it'll get this far. I lived in Kenai 20 yrs ago, only 50 miles away, when it blew last time. We got a direct hit. An undescribable mess. We actually have a whole bunch of active volvanoes here. The Pacific Ring of fire. Google it.
Yeah I'm good for now though, thanks for thinking of me

did your cats act funny before the eruption?.. am always interested to see if the animals know first.

My cats always act goofy especially after they have catnip, a little nip for them, a little nip for me. lil more for them double nip for me. Hell, I think I predicted it myself because I was feeling funny too!!:D
Wow there buddy! I dont watch much TV so knew nothing of thei eruption, hold on over there and stay safe!
Nothing like an eruption

I lived in Kenai south of Anchorage a few years and actually been through three eruptions. Mt. Redoubt, Mt. St. Augustine, and Mt. Spur. All within a 100 miles or so of me. Redoubt was the worse. We got buried in a couple inches of the ash. it has the consistency of talcum powder but it is like powdered glass, cant wipe it off and it doesn't dissolve. Ruins engines right now!!! A KLM 747 had all 4 engines go down for like 6 minutes and lost mega altitude and they were able to land after getting one engine going. The air smelled like burned matches for several days. We would go to the beach and look across the inlet at night and Mt. Redoubt was sparkling with static electricity. The whole Mountain was "crackling" and illuminated. Was pretty wild looking, right out of a sci fi movie. In the early 1900's a volcano went of, Vala...something or another. it created the valley of "ten thousand smokes" dropped like many many feet of ash and filled up the whole valley. Thats not far from where you see all the stuff on TV about the brown bears fishing in Katmai Nat'l Park across Cook Inlet from Homer, Ak. There is a Mt. Katmai, it is an active volcanoe too.

Still wouldn't live anywhere else. August will make 30 yrs. here. I'm only 42, guess I could say I grew up here, but still don't think I could make it anywhere else. Volcanoes or not.

Would love to share alot more of/about Alaska with all of you. If you want more e mail me at my main address. [email protected] I don't really look at private messages in this forum unless I don't know how to reach you anyway else.


Volcano Update

So far so good, they had a little ash fallout about 100 miles south of here we may see some but it could have been, and still could be devestating for Anchorage if the wind decides to blow it that way.

For updates or any other interesting stuff about Alaska go to:

www.adn.com Anchorage Paper, decent statewide issues
www.newsminer.com Fairbanks version of a newspaper, been publishing for over 100 yrs and still aint got the word conoverage figured out. But it's us.

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