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Ok so as far as scenes - What is your read on The English Wine Snob (Rickman) when he is eating KFC out of the bucket. Disgust? Curious Enjoyment ? I tell myself that the Brits are not know for a long list of gastronomical delights so....he found it pleasant surprise perhaps?

Sorry, Brits on here but... That's just a widely heard comment about UK food some iwth really odd names like:
Bubble and Squeak.
Toad in the hole,
Welsh Rarebit,
Stargazy Pie
Spotted Dick
Bangers And Mash

(Sadly Alan Rickman passed away in 2016. He was so good at playing despicably evil or devious persons.)
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These wines all taste so good! LOL

Me too! I rewatched Bottle Shock over the weekend, thanks to this thread. :)

Update: I just tried to watch the first episode of Mondovino. Note, it's a 10 part series, not a movie, and it is a documentary. Unfortunately, the camera work is unbelievably terrible, so distracting, I couldn't keep watching. And you have to watch, because it's in French with English subtitles. The cameraman keeps doing extreme close-ups on random spots (a goldfish behind one person, a guy's bushy eyebrow, police badge on a sleeve, etc.). I don't know if the other episodes are the same. YMMV, but I'm not spending 9 more hours of my time finding out. :-(
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