Hard Apple Cider (Cyser Now) Sorry

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Wade E

Jul 3, 2006
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Went to a cider place today to get a gallon and some pies because they have the best pies in CT. and they had 5 gallons of cider with a 5 gallon carboy, multi fit bung and airlock for $50 which i didnt really want to spend but couldnt resist so tomorrow Im off to my local supply store to get some Ale yeast! :r
Wade, why do use use Ale yeast for hard cider as opposed to wine yeast?
Will ale yeast give you a lower alcohol content?
I use a cider yeast made by brewtec Troy.

can't you guys get cider yeast?

Ale yeast is has a much lower abv tolerance so will not go to far like a wine yeast can. Ive never heard of cider yeast Allie.
How low is low. If it gets too low it doesn't sound like it would be too "hard" at all. I realize not all fermented drink needs to be strong enough to run your truck off of but am wondering why you would shoot for a low ABV with cider.
This page on google answers may help with info Wade. Huge amount of information if you have time to go through the links.


I suppose if we have a beer section here.. we could have a small cider section to put this stuff under?

I just use cider yeast because it is available here.

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Cider is traditionally around 5 to 8 percent, in britain it can be over 9 percent.. Fermented higher it is classified as wine.. depends on the country as to what percentage it becomes a wine.. and then is taxed accordingly.

Also in some countries it can't be called a cider if there are any added sugars or water.

Im looking for about 6% myself. Thanks Allie, Ill check it out later on tonight.
Wade.. my favourite low alcohol drink is homemade cider.

I'm still working on the best combination from my own orchard.

Just received a phone call yesterday that next week we are
going apple picking.

I wanted to stay at the orchard for 2 days (free camping) and press at the site. But plans turn out different. So it is only saturday.

As apples will keep for a while I have a lot of time processing them.

Today I changed my mind on this since a friend gave me 15 lbs of Orange Blossom honey so I decided to do Cyser instead to kill 2 birds with 1 stone as I have a lot of grape pomace coming in about 1 week and will need as money carboys as possible. I added 13 lbs of honey and brought it right up to 1.085 leaving me 2 lbs for my Dandelion wine to sweeten back which should be more then enough as its a 3 gallon batch. Besides I really didnt want any more carbonated apple after i thought aboiut it anyway as u have 6 gallons of crab apple wine that will be force carbonated as the last batch was a total winner.
I use White Labs English Cider yeast (WLP775) (White Labs Description Page) and have been very happy with it. I tried a few ale yeasts and a couple of wine yeasts, but the English Cider yeast produced a nice dry cider while retaining a lot of the apple aroma and flavor.