Happy birthday luc

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I popped a cork and a toast to Luc.
Thanks for all your help.
Happy Birthday from me a well. Hope it was a great day for you!
Hope youn had a geat day Luc. Im drinking also but only cause I had a really bad day!
Thanks guys,

Actually we celebrated last saturday with a lot of friends coming over.

They plundered my wine-cellar, but who cares.......

Yesterday on my actual birthday I took the day off and
we had a quiet day together.

Please send me a bottle of your elderflower wine,,


Hey Luc,

Sounds like you had a great day!
Hope you have many more of them.

Always enjoy your blog and posts on WMT; keep them coming. (Between you enjoying the fruits of your labour of course).

Cheers, petes
Goodness, I only just found this thead. Belated Happy Birthday Luc.
Please send me a bottle of your elderflower wine,,



I was just going to make a new posting on this.

I pity all of you who did not make this wine !!!!
I bottled a 30 liter carboy (already) and man it is great, really great.
Deliscious. It has a real good elderflower flavor.
It gave me just 33 bottles........

Fortunately I still have another carboy with 30 liter waiting
to be bottled :D

I am really glad I made this much.

Luc.. my elderberry is just starting to flower ..the buds are almost open..

I don't think I'll have enough for gallons of it.. but maybe just enough for a gallon.. or I can wait for the berries and do a gallon of those..

I know where there is another tree in someones garden.. so am going to ask nicely if I can have some of theirs too

Keep the wine send me the elderflower
Allie, that is a tough decision.

Elderflower wine is great during summer.
Last year i made 10 liter (about 3 gallon) and I knew immediately that it would not last that summer.
That is why I made 60 liter this year.

It is an early drinker.

But then.............
I make about an equal amount of elderberry wine each autumn.
That is a great winter wine. I make it port-style heave in the alcohol and a lot residual sugar.

Luckily they are all over the place here. So I do not have to make that decision. There are at least a hundred large elderberry plants here in the near environment. Each year there are far more as I can pick.

I have not yet tried to dry them, but next year I might.
Maybe someone in the US could send you some dried ones. Shipping from here would be outrages expensive.

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I have 30litres on the go now. I did use dried elderflowers but the result seems ok so far. :D
Way to go Leanne !!!!

How did they smell, like litchie (lychee).
That is how mine smelled.

What ratio did you use ???
I used 1 liter flowers on 10 liter wine, but these were

Birthday Boy.

Belated Happy Birthday from me too, Luc.

Best Wishes & thanks for everything.


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