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My favorite is, and always will be:
"In vino veritas" ("In wine is truth"; "The truth is in the wine")
Ben didn't speak latin as far as I know or remember, I should because I read hi autobiography a few years ago. He was quite the guy. Did you know it was him that came up with the first "circulating library"? Library as we know it. he knew the importance of sharing knowledge.
OP, I have a frsh calling card, I'd love to yack at you outside of here. If you are into it PM me and give me a number and I'll ring you directly!!
I don't know about Franklin's ability to speak Latin, Troy. Wouldn't really surprise me if he did as it was pretty common educational fodder in those days. I do know that fellow got around and *KNEW* how to have himself one big ol' time!

I was reading around the web about him the other night, and thought I recollected seeing that quote attributed to him, but I may very well be mistaken there. Either way, if he did say it, he "borrowed" it from that there Alcaeus feller as Old Philosopher pointed out to me. :)

I do know he went out and single handedly gathered the money needed to start the first charity hospital in the U.S. It ( the Pennsylvania Hospital) is the oldest hospital here and is still operating. Yessir, quite a card, Mr. Franklin.

Enough so that when the English heard that he was to arrive there by ship one time, a ranking advisor advised (as advisors are wont to do) "Lock up the women and bar the harbor. We do NOT want him on our shores!" lol
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je parle francais aussi. But noone is going to emboss me on a coin. His story is quite intersting. Ben Franklin was Ben Franklin. His controbutions can never be be discounted!
I heard a comedian's joke that went like this:

I was walking down the street and I saw a wino eating grapes. I said, "Dude... you have to wait"

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