got to .996 in 6 days...Is this too fast or is it ok to move along?

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Jan 16, 2010
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This is my first attempt at making wine and I have a quick quesiton. I racked to a secondary carboy last Sunday, today is Saturday and it's already do to .996. Is 6 days to get to .996 to fast or is this ok?

That sounds about right Matt. You have it under an airlock right? How about headspace in the secondary, you want as little as possible.

Sounds good though, what did you make?

Very normal especially if you've got it at 70-75F. A lower temp. will delay or slow down the fermentation. Since fermentation was already complete when you transferred to the secondary a dose of K-meta would be called for in that there is no longer a CO2 blanket protecting your wine.
I would not bet that .0996 is done until you get same reading 3 days in a row. If you havent degassed dont worry about air space, there isnt any air in there, it is all C02. You're ok anyway
Matt, the majority of my wines reach 1.000 + or - a bit in 6 days. I let the juice reach room temp. (70-75 degrees) then add my yeast etc. The next day it's fully underway.

It's very exciting. Mike's right though. It could still be finishing up for another day or so. As long as you have an airlock on it you'll be okay.
Sometimes it can freak you out. depending on a few factors, I have seen it start at 1.090 and come down to 1.000 in 4 days, I have also seen wine ferment so hard, it looked as though someone through a piece of dry ice in it. It just depends.

Sounds like you are okay though.
It is OK, don't worry.

In another thread in the past here I wrote that I had an apple wine finishing in about 4 days.


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