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Sep 13, 2009
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So I think I got some TOTALLY AWESOME DEALS today!!! As many PA'ers know... BiLo supermarkets got sold to TOPS then TOPS sold off to Giant Eagle... well, they're closing the store near me and EVERYTHING MUST GO 20-80% off EVERYTHING!

Welch's grape juice is usually $2+ per can (frozen) I got them at 80% off (13 purple 4 white) I cleaned them out!!! HAHAHA

4 bags of frozen strawberries & 4 bags blueberries and 1 bag blackberries... Reg price $5ish / bag for $1.25 each

I guess I need to start looking for recipes because I've never made wine with real fruit in it! It's nice that I'm not out too much if I screw it up though... :)

:db *still doing happy dance* :db

oh wow so nice!! i feel bad for those loosing jobs, but that find is risiculosy great!
Good find! so does this mean a new freezer or MORE CARBOYS!:br

I actually already HAVE a fridge of my own! ;)

The boyfriend picked up a VERY stylish circa 1970's yellow monstrosity for 25 bucks from a buddy. It is patiently awaiting a tap system (don't feel bad for it though, it has beer in it so it's not lonely)... but the freezer is all mine... and the butter compartment for my wine yeast... :D

Now as far as the carboys... I definitely will need more of those in the next week or so! I plan on attempting 1 gal batches and I don't have any 1 gal carboys.
After I posted that reply... I am starting to see that this hobby is REALLY getting ahold of me... I will probably need an intervention soon! :)