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Aug 13, 2009
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BTW, yes, I searched first. I'm asking b/c I've tried just about every trap design I've seen mentioned. I'm looking for fresh ideas.

What are some of the ways you deal with this little b*****ds?!

I live in a new, very tight house. I never see these little pests until approx day 2 of any given primary firmentation. There are none where I keep the secondaries ...

My primary work is in the kitchen. I've scoured the entire house and can't find a nest or concentration of them anywhere. Yet, day two of a primary, there they are!!
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get some ribbon fly paper. hang it near the fermenting wine
I had a flight instructor once who was "flaming" I used to refer to him as a Fruit Flie. LOL:)

Good pilot, lil to strange for me, found a new one within days.

On a more serious note Bob, I assume your fermenter is covered so it'll it least keep them from taking a quick swim, the flypaper tack strip should work just fine. Those lil suckers can come from many things, things from the grocery like potatoes, any kind of fruit etc. It doesn't necessarily make them fruit flies, but could be one of their annoying cousins. I had some kind of a flying nuciance a few months ago, no idea where they came from, lucky for me they moved on. It was pretty "icky".
Thanks for all of the replies ... I've had zero luck with the wine/detergent in a wine bottle trick. I'll pick up some strips next chance I get
Bob, this probably wont do you any good with the fly problem, but I think the wine detergent method is the same principle. An old timer taught me this one for yellow jackets.

Take a milk jug, cut some holes in the sides, add some kind of meat or fish, the stinkier the better. Add some water and dish soap, when they come in for a snack they hit that liquid and are stuck.

This photos was only about an hour or so after I set it on the picnic table, it really works.

Hope you can deal with the fly thing, I realize they are annoying as hell, but as long as your fermenter is covered they wont get into your wine. If you ever have trouble with bees try my suggestion, it works extremely well

Best of luck.


bee trap.jpg
Holy moly!!! :<:<

I'll definitely keep this in mind come next summer.. we hate the wasps around here. And with a berry patch in the garden, they get rather plentiful lol
No kidding DY, it works extremely well, I have shared this idea with many people and they have all had the same results. I have 4 or 5 spread throughout the yard each summer. Too bad I can't find something as simple for the damn mosquitoes! I would be a rich man!!LOL

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