Fruit flies are pretty bad this season...

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Rennaisance Man
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Feb 22, 2015
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South Cental Pennsylvania
This is only the second year in the new house. And, I live in a much more suburban neighborhood as compared to the old house. Maybe it's been the heat and the rain, but holy crap the fruit flies are really bad. I found two airlocks with so many dead fruit flies in them that they looked like that scene from World War Z when the zombies were piling up against the wall... gross. Airlocks with vodka in them have done a really nice job of protecting the wines. I swapped them out for clean airlocks and will need to keep checking to make sure the little zombie bastard flies don't get to my wine.

So far I've taken a few other steps towards remediating the problem.

* I have a fan blowing air through my wine cellar.
* I put up a fly strip over the area where I keep my bulk wine stored.
* I made a fly trap using a bowl, apple cider vinegar, saran wrap with tiny holes poked in it, and a rubber band.

What does everyone else do to keep the fruit flies down in their wine operation? Always looking for new ideas.

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