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Jan 28, 2010
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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum, have been making wine from both kits and local fruits for about 10 years, and need a recommendation.

I am partial to "Old World" red wines and have been making mostly Italian varieties that suit my preference for "tar and leather"-type wines. My wife has never had a problem with drinking to my taste, but has recently asked if I could make a kit that was more "New World" and fruit forward. So I'm asking for suggestions from others about a low-to-medium priced red-wine kit that you've made that will give me such results. Variety is not important though I'm thinking that a decent Pinot Noir should fit the bill. But I'm open to anything. Thanks in advance for your replies.

I'm making a Selection White Merlot kit right now.
To me, it's a very nice blend that doesen't get too sweet.
Only about 90.00 for a 15liter kit.
Welcome Anthony, I havent really run across any fruit bombs in the RJS winery series. They do hae decent amount in a few but nothing that jumps out and smacks your grandma!
Consider a kit no one else is likely to recommend: one from William's Brewing. They make 5-gallon kits that are super easy. The William's Merlot I started Aug. 1, 2008 was really fruity for the first year and is now starting to bring some tannins. It's only $60. They also have a Pinot Noir, a Cab Sauv and a Zin, plus four whites.



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