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Edmonton, Alberta
Jan 21, 2010
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Just about to hit the bottling and corking stage on my first batch.
MY instructions (4 Week KenRidge Classic Reisling from Vineco) call for "Filtering the wine using a medium pore size filter." Then bottle and cork.
While looking around these threads I haven't seen anything mentioning this.
Is this filtering for a kit unusual? How important is this? All the usual newbie questions.
I don't filter kits.

depends on your timeframe.

leave them to clear on their own if you have the time.

If you want to bottle it right away i would filter because if not you have to wait a long time for it to clear in the carboy ,I'm talking months . Filtering makes a nicer , cleaner wine .Does your local store let you borrow thiers & just pay for the filters ? Ours does and makes it better people just starting out .I bought my own so I filter when I want & not run to the store everytime I want to do a batch . i would say if the instructions call for it to be filtered I would because it must take a longtime to clear on it's own .To answer your question I think alot of people filter kits even if the people on this site don't .

Did you scroll down the page & look at the similar threads those can be helpful.
Although I had bought a filter a long time ago, I never filter any of my wines.

However, never use a filter to clear a wine. It will clog up the filters.

Use a filter on a clear wine just to polish it.

Time will clear all wines.
We are winemakers not beer makers so have patience.

Like Luc said filtering will not clear a wine. It only "polishes" it.
I'm surprised that a kit really said that. Most kits clear very good and fast.
Time is on your side and if you want to clear make sure you add SuperKleer.
Now foe my opinion. I have done over 25 kits and they are all perfectly clear with no filtering. Time clears all! with that said I got a mini jet filter for xmas. I used it on my last two whites that were absolutely clear. Well filtering from one carboy to the next was an obvious difference. One was clear and one was brilliant and polished. The filters were still clean after doing the two batches. So what does that mean? If I have two or more batches to do I will take the time to filter. If I plan to enter in a competition I will defiantly filter. Your average person will not know the difference between clear and polished. Anyone please feel free to comment on this.

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