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I filter & bottle mine the same day .The last time I did wait a day before bottling but didn't make any diffence ,only thing it did was make me wait another day for it to get over bottle shock .
Most of the time I filter and bottle. Now if its a fruit wine I may filter then let it age more. Sometimes fruit wines are a bear to clear.
I would say its fine to filter and bottle but wouldnt drink it for at least as month as that would surely put a lot of stress on the wine and that usually changes your profile temporarily, especially bottling it.
I usually filter 2-3 carboys then bottle the next day. It's mostly a time thing. The answer to your question is yes, you can filter and bottle the same day. The bottler that I have actually has a filter accessory so i can filter and bottle at the same time! As Wade said let your wine rest a month before drinking. Thats if it didn't need any more aging.