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Jun 4, 2009
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I started a batch of strawberry on Friday.I added the yeast Saterday Morning. I am leaving for a week this coming Friday. My question is this; Can I transfer it to the secondary vesel Thursday night before we leave for vaction? Is that enough time in the first bucket?
Question 2; fermenting bucket has a spout on it, should I atatch a hose to it and keep it in the bottom of the secondary so that the wine isn't exposed to too much Oxegen or does it realy matter?
Question 3; When I remove the bag of berrys, should I let it drip drain or squeeze the bag?
Thanks for the help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that should be plenty of time.. squeeze the fruit bag daily to get as much out of it as possible.

not sure what you are talking about regarding the spout on your fermenting bucket?..

How are you planning on transfering the wine to the secondary?? The best way is to rack or syphon it leaving most of the sediment in the bottom behind.
I hate to argue with Allie because she has alot more experience than I do but squeezing the bag gives you a ton of pulp. I have given up on that method myself and let it drain out
Hey S.A. how did you make the ginger apple?? Add ginger to the primary??
I am still laughing about you spraying the neighbors tree.lol:)
Fair enough Steve..

I don't use a bag for the fruit.. I just strain it before putting it into the secondary.

I had extra apple and extra ginger wine left over when I was making those ones.. it was enough to combine the two into a 1 gallon jar..

it's not bad actually

hehehe.. ( don't mention the tree!)

That will be enough time in primary and yes squeeze the bag good and get all the juice you can out of it. If there is still slight fermentation going on or it quits a little early with a higher sg then get some 02 in there to help fermentation go a little further, if its done fermenting then get that hose way down to the bottom of the recieving caboy like you said to reduce 02 saturation. Good thinking there by the way!!
Do I need to try and leave all the sediment when I transfer or do I need to take some of the yeast sediment with it to the second carboy. I am using a 6 gal bucket with the spigot at the bottom. Should I attatch a hose to that or let it flow from the spigot?
Leave most of the sediment behind.. the rest will drop out eventually. It'll be ok while you are away, under an airlock. I would siphon off the sediment myself rather than use the spigot ..

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