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Apr 12, 2016
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Fermaid k instructions say to add at 1/3 sugar depletion. Do you figure this to the point of sg of 1.000 or 0 brix? My starting sg was 1.092, so do i figure the 1/3 point using 1.092 and 1.000? Im at sg of 1.066 now (2 days after pitching yeast) and was thinking of adding it now... Thanks...
Yep, 1.000 is about right. It'll typically get lower, but I don't attempt to split hairs and predict exactly where it'll stop.
You will have to watch your must constantly if you want to hit exactly 1/3. Close is good enough.

The difference between Starting SG and 1.000 is close enough for nutrient addition purposes.
Well if you start out with 12 % residual sugar then 8% residual sugar your first time to use fermaid k and I believe youbthen have to add more once you reach 2/3 complete.
That would be 4% residual sugar

Residual sugar is also referred to potential alachol on your hydrometer. I like this simple process

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