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Jan 16, 2009
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Got this shot on the Minnesota river a couple days ago
I think it was a late Minnesota snow white out. Or a ninja eagle.
Boyd, take your lens cap off first next time.. :)

Update: I think think the avatar is the nest but its very hard to see.
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what was he doing on the minnesota river anyway?

ok lets have a guess... he's a french spy?

Fifteen miles towards town, there is a fairly new Church that built on about 20 acres of land. They used only 5 acres close to the road, waiting to build on the back part later.
Low and behold, Eagles moved in and built a nest in one of the pine trees.
Until they no longer use the nest, the Church can't build, anything within a 500 foot radius.
I enjoy driving down the road and seeing the Eagles sitting on top of 100 foot tall concrete power poles. Usually one on one, the one on the next.
Beautiful birds. They have hatched every year,,
and if the good Lord is willing, will continue to do so for a long time.
I kind of like this one also.

It took the full file on the first one but not on the second. Wonder why?

DSC03826 dup.jpg
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Trying to figue out what I am doing wrong.

Seems like cropping the photo works best.

DSC03826 dup.jpg
What are you trying to do, all the pics look great here especially the first with the eagle right there.
What are you trying to do, all the pics look great here especially the first with the eagle right there.

Thought the first one was the full file, about 10mb, but then remembered that I had cropped that file. I was able to upload that one but not the other that I hadn't messed with.

Got it figured out now.

The 2nd photo is 2 young ones.
Oh cool, I didnt even notice the babies in there but I can see them much better in the one with Mom.
I see them. I cant seem to get my photo to appear in the corner of the post.
Great pictures Boyd. Those babies look like they have pretty big mouths to feed. That's gotta be a full time job scrounging up food. It would make for a nice day to take a lawn chair, the camera, and a fishing pole and sit in the shade by the river; you could watch eagles and get some pictures while catching dinner.
Boyd, Awesome pictures. I have a few nests around me. The one that is closest to me I went and checked out this spring and the entire nest is gone. Kind of strange as they had been in the same tree for many years and then two years ago they built a new nest in the same tree. I have no idea why the nests were abandoned and gone other than the fact of the extremely harsh winter we had last year may have destroyed it. Even when they were active I could not have gotten as close as you did.We still have plenty of eagles around though and they are starting to nest along Lake Erie also.
I wasn't very close, at least 100 yards from the nest.

I use a Sony a700 camera and I bought (Stole :h)a Tamron 300mm 2.8 lens a few years ago at a local pawn shop for $100.00.

Added a 1.4 tele extender so I have the equivelant of 630mm on that camera.

Works great and I even hand hold sometimes. Works best for catching the bird on the fly.

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