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Diabolical GENIUS!!!
Nov 16, 2008
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I was thinking of getting one of those long drill bits used to stir paint kinda like this one


would that be effective?
Im sure it would work, hopefully you could finf-d a stainless steel one so it would be easily sanitized.
I use a plastic one that came with my first wine kit. I like the idea of plastic because I know it won't chip my carboys.
So what I end up doing was I took a Plastic clothes hanger. I Cut it like this


then I made sure it was nice and sanitized, and stuck the straight side into the drill. worked like a charm. it spins off balance in a kinda spinning oval shape of death:D which aided the job.

I did it for about 10mins, switching the spin direction ever couple mins, and I noticed a huge difference in aroma.
Maybe be cheaper now but that spinning off center will eat up drills bushings and you will be buying a new drill.
Just look here:

And you will know why you always should use
stainless steel and nothing else.

The text is in Dutch but the picture tells you what happens if
you put a paint mixer in an acid/sulphite sanitising solution just for a few hours......

So make sure to use only stainless steal.


I think so Brain....but where on earth could you get a stainless steel hanger?



Thank you thank you.....i'll be here all week.
Thanks for the idea
I will stop by a welding supply and get an uncoated stainless steel TIG rod
comes in 36 inch lengths so I can bend and play with it until I get it balanced
And the cost about a buck :D

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