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Apr 21, 2021
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Curious for those using bag in box system..

How long are the bagged wines typically good for?

Which brand would you recommend?

I'm interested in a 5L system...for some of my vinos.

I have seen “bag in box” films. I don’t have enough experience to suggest one supplier vs another.
The film choices are basically EvOH which is transparent and an aluminumized film. In my application I have used them as in-between size carboys for storage for six or nine months. They don’t show oxidation issues.
If you haven’t looked at them yet, a five liter EvOH might be roughly square as 13.25” by 12 7/8”. This means it naturally fills to be a pillow. The spout can be welded on a corner or at top center. If I shape the box for a 9” wide base instead of a square base the five liter rated bag can hold significantly more than 5L.
Here's the reply I received from a B-I-B vendor:

Regarding your question about the longevity of wine stored in our 5L bag-in-box packaging, typically, these bags are designed to keep the wine fresh for about 6 to 8 weeks after opening. This is due to the vacuum-sealed nature of the bag, which significantly reduces the wine's exposure to air, a primary factor in the oxidation process that can lead to spoilage.

It's worth noting that the shelf life can vary depending on a few factors, including the type of wine, the storage conditions, and how often the bag is accessed. To maximize the freshness of your wine, we recommend storing the bag-in-box in a cool, dark place and ensuring the tap is appropriately sealed after each use.

If the wine is unopened, stored in optimal conditions (cool and dark), the bag-in-box can keep it in good condition for up to 2 years, though we always recommend enjoying it closer to the time of purchase for the best taste.
I was going to go this route as well, but got stopped in my tracks when anything I could get was 10 times the 'not available' prices. I should have a look and see if that has balanced out. It would be an interesting experiment. As I always split kits to 3 gallon carboy and let half bulk age further, I thought it would be a safe experiment to bag 3 gallons. Seems to go faster when you can't see the end of the bottle coming. 😂

Let us know if you try it. I will as well!

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