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Edmonton, Alberta
Jan 21, 2010
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Hello all;

New to wine making, and so far I think this is the best Xmas gift I have gotten in a long time.
Started out with a Reisling, which is about 4 days from de-gassing.
I have already been helped out with some excellent adivise on here for which I am grateful. I do plan on asking questions of all of you as I blunder about.

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Welcome Dazz, Hope you find answers and knowledge here!

In 1988, I took a Greyhound bus from Milwaukee, Wisconsin back to Alaska. I was headed for Calgary and got too drunk, ended up in Edmonton. You guys treated me great!! Didn't seem like you cared much for those from the "states", but I was treated like family. Hooked up with a couple guys who showed me around. Spent about a week there just partying. I remeber going to the Sherlock Holmes in the Mall, I think I stil have the songbook they gave you when you entered. Wasn't long before we were all singing along with the piano player.

One of the best times I ever had. I enjoyed my stay in your city. I felt safe and welcome until I messed with the wife of another man, I had to leave the next morning, but will always remember my time in Edmonton, and hope some day to visit again.

Welcome to our site, hope you saty and learn. We can all learn from 1 another!
Welcome! :try
We are very diverse group from all over the world. We have others from our northern friends (Canada). Ask away and you will be surprised how fast you get answers.
Oh yea we all love :dg :dg :dg
BTW I see MORE equipment and kits in the near future for YOU !

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