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Nov 30, 2009
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I ended up with a bottle of "corked" wine tonight. I bought it a couple of days ago, but I opened it tonight. I've read a few things about "corked" wine that says it's not the cork, but something wrong with the wine itself. I've ended up with 4 or 5 bottles of "corked" wine so far, and every single one has had a natural cork. Never have I had a "corked" wine that had a synthetic cork, so I tend to think it is the cork that has something to do with it.

Anyone else had a similar experience, or a "corked" wine with a synthetic cork?
Never experienced it myself but I think it is usually linked to bacteria in the cork that causes a bad reaction in the wine.
It is the natural cork. The bst corks are naturalcorks but its very hard to determine a good cork from a crappy cork and thats why I wouldnt use them. I have been using Geirges corks since a year after I started making wine and havent had any problems since. ive used a few ithers befoe then and had trouble either getting them out or with wine soakage.
Its a wine that comes into contact with TCA. You'll know it by the smell of musty damp cardboard that comes from the wine.
Racer: I never could think of how to describe that smell, but musty wet carboard just about nails it.

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