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Jun 11, 2009
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hey people, ok so the story is i bottled my wine and was worried about flavour as it was not great but tried some after about four days and it had improved already so i was pleased but a long way to go yet i feel. i realised that there is some bits of cork in the wine after corking, i realised that some of the cork might break away and be left behind in the corker and what i was doing before i realised this was reloading and then pushing the bit from the bottle before into the next bottle. a rookie mistake im sure youll agree, i was wondering if this will cause what is refered to as corked wine or corkage, basically will it turn my wine to ****. i used a bag of Brewcraft bottle corks (30 pack) is there different types of corks that effect different ways??? is my wine ok??? thanks in advance to those who i klnow will reply, yer help has been brilliant,
sydney oz.
It wont cause "corked wine" but there is something wrong to be getting bits of cork to start with?? Were the corks dry ? I wet mine with sulfite solution and let sit while I get the other things ready. Corked wine has a cork or musty smell and is from faulty corks tainted with TCA (2,4,6-trichloroanisole). You either have a faulty corker, corks or method.

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