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Tall Grass

May 10, 2009
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I just started a small experimental batch of 2 cans of Welch's white grape concentrate + 1 can of Welch's purple grape concentrate. I really didn't bother reading the back label because on the front label it says "pasteurized." With that I figured I was ready to go.

So when I got home I was copying down the sugar levels to figure out my how much to add and noticed the ingredients list says "contains sulphiting agents."


I figured I messed up but decided to pitch both cans of white concentrate into the mix and fire up the yeast (Lalvin RC 212.) So here we are roughly 24 hours later and oddly enough it's bubbling very very well!

I wonder if the sulphites they added have slowed this down any or will cause any unforeseen problems ? The smell is fine right now and the bubbles are moving quite well (and as you can see lots of froth from this yeast.)
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I've used Welche's and have never had problems getting it to ferment. Looks like yours is doing very well in spite of the sulfites.
I'm certainly no expert on making wine from grocery juices (etc) - I've done it twice now.

If the product contains sulfites, I would make up the mix and let it sit overnight. This will allow some of the sulfites to dissipate. Then pitch the yeast. BTW, I start my gallon batches in a pail that holds about two gallons and came with a lid that i sit on top loosely..

Ya, for this one I'm just running it with a paper-towel/rubberband on top for 4 or 5 days then topping it off with some water.. which I know will cause great pain for some folks :h but we're not talking about a $100 kit here :D

One thing I've noticed with the welch's concentrate recipes is adding pectic enzyme (Jack Keller's recipe comes to mind,) is that really necessary?
Is that a can of white grape juice cocktail?

The frozen concentrate I bought was just: grape juice concentrate, ascorbic acid. no added sugars, colors, sulphites, etc.

not to say yours won't turn out fine...I guess i'm a bit of a purist.
Tall, I learned in here the importance of pectin enzyme, it will help break down the pectin present and add to eliminating the "haze and cloudiness". If your using whole fruit, absolutely necessary. But if your just mixing up something you plan on drinking soon, p Enzyme is no big deal, IMO.
Might have learned something else about the sulphiting agents they use in the white cocktail concentrate. I started another experimental batch today using 2 cans of welchs grape juice and 1 can of welchs white cocktail. When I emptied out the white into a large glass pouring vessel i noticed a bunch of small white clumps... here's a picture,


You can see them in the glass vessel in that picture (it's mixed with some of the purple grape concentrate.) I touched a few with my pinky finger they just dissolved under the pressure.

I'm guessing those are the sulphites (possibly?) and they precipitated out of the solution during the ride home (it was 95F+ in the car, air conditioning doesn't work worth a crap.) I didn't notice if this happened the first time I used it so I'm guessing here thats what they are.

Oh, btw, here's a picture of the wine as is it today... I racked it a few days ago. The gravity got way ahead of me by the time I racked it (.998) and now it's still bubbling but its getting very slow... bubble every 12 to 13 seconds.


I gave it a small taste today, maybe 20ml worth. The alcohol is on the strong side but the taste is not-so-bad.. it has that distinctive welchs flavour yet. Maybe after a few weeks of settling it will be better. But otherwise it's still very drinkable.
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Looking good. Let it finish, stabilize, back sweeten to taste and you will have a decent sipping wine.
Tall, never admit you drink it until it is finished, It would be considered an insult to the craft.
I am working on my 17th batch and have never bottlrd any of it. so kick me in the knee for my hypocrisy. Having said that, I have never liked dirty socks either, but if youre feet are cold I guess we do what we need to do.:D
Tell ya what I'm guilty of... drinking straight from the bottle unless other people are around :D The whole thing about pouring it into a glass is just too much for me... I just take a slug off the bottle and put the cork back in.