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Tony (Twisted Vine)
Jun 6, 2010
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What is everyones feeling on the subject of conicals. For wine making that is, are they worth the money, is plastic okay, is stainless steel okay, has anyone made one on their own and willing to share pics, hints, tips, does anyone have one they would like to sell.

Just throwing this out there

Conicals really arent needed for wine making, they are more geared toards beer making as in beer you can save lots of money by reusing the yeast which the conical is designed to do, with wine you arent really savin that much money and the effort isnt really worth the extra work. Other that that they arent much more help.
I have a 15 gallon plastic conical.

Towards the end before going to secondary I drain the sludge thru the bottom valve a couple times and toss it. Never tried starting another batch with it.

I started a batch of banana wine a few days ago with the sludge I saved from an gallon batch of lime made with EC 1118. Even froze it until needed and it fired right up when brought ot room temp to make a starter.

Froze it for a few days until needed. Fired right up after bringing to room temp.

Skeeter Pee is made with recovred sludge all the time.

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