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Nov 26, 2008
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I started some wine from Concord concentrate and sugar 6 weeks ago
I do not know the SG yet but it has stopped fermenting. It has alcohol but is sweet as syrup. I used bread yeast to ferment and none of the other additives. Is there any salvaging this or do I dump it. I'm not looking for a great wine just a beverage from it
Don't dump it! It can be salvaged. You've still got sweetness so there's hope.

Others will prolly contribute better knowledge.
Basically hit it with campden, give that 24 hours to work and during that lag time get a yeast starter going with a decent winemaking yeast, nutrients and energizer.
I'm only guessing here that when you say 'additives' you may be referring to nutrients/energizer?
I'm not familiar with Concord so don't know how apt acid blend and tannin may be. And if you don't have a hydrometer, it would be worthwhile to get one.
Thanks Pete

The only thing in the wine is juice, water and bread yeast

I have campdon, nutrients, yeast and a hydrometer, along with a few other items, that should be delivered today.
Not sure how is this of any help now (maybe is good for next time only) but here it is:

2 cans (11.5 oz) Welch's 100% frozen grape concentrate
1-1/4 lbs granulated sugar

2 tsp acid blend

1 tsp pectic enzyme

1 tsp yeast nutrient

water - enough to make 1 gallon

1 pkg - wine yeast

Boil your sugar in 1 quart of water and let it cool, stirring a little to make sure that the sugar has dissolved. Add your frozen concentrate to your sugar water and use the cans to add enough water so that you have a gallon of liquid. Add all of your other ingredients except for the yeast.

Pour your liquid into a jug. Put a piece of plastic over the top of your jug and hold it in place with a rubber band... or you can use a balloon...

After 24 hours take off the rubber band and add your packet of wine yeast. You can stir your mixture with a chopstick... these work well.

You can now either put a new piece of plastic on your jar held in place by your handy dandy rubber band... or you can put your airlock on. Store your jug in a dark warm place for about a month while it ferments.

After about a month go ahead and rack your wine... siphon it into a new jug.

You will now want to add some boiled water to make sure that your wine reaches the bottom of the bottle neck. Put your airlock back on... or put a new piece of plastic over the top and secure with your rubber band.

Let your wine sit for another 6 - 8 weeks. Rack your wine again.

Reattach your airlock or replace your piece of plastic and let set for another couple of months.

When your wine is clear feel free to sweeten it if you would like to and then go ahead and bottle it.

You have now made wine from concentrate.
Some manufacturers of juice heavily dose their juice with meta bisulphate. Even if you stir and aerate it vigorously it seems it will not totally ferment out to dryness. If you like sweet wine go for it. If you like dry wine stick with the juices that only use absorbic acid for a preservative. Walmart has a 100% Concord grape with only absorbic acid and it ferments out dry. Otherwise stick with frozen fruits or buy wine grapes.

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