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Wade E

Jul 3, 2006
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3 Gallon recipe
15 lbs – Fresh Strawberries diced up
7 1/2 lbs – White Table Sugar
3 tsp – Acid Blend
1/2 tsp – Tannin
2 cups – Ghirardelli or Hershey's Cocoa Powder
3 tsp – Yeast Nutrient
1 1/2 tsp – Yeast Energizer
3 Gallons – Water
1/8 tsp – Liquid Pectic Enzyme
1/8 tsp – K-Meta
These are extra ingredients for after wine is stable.
8 ounces – Liquid Chocolate Extract
3– Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri Mix
2 lbs – White Table Sugar added to 1 Cup Boiling Water
14 ounces – Monin Strawberry Syrup
1 Pint – E&J Brandy
Pour 1 gallon of warm water in 5 gallon primary bucket or bigger. Add K-meta, Tannin, Yeast Energizer, Yeast Nutrient, and Ascorbic Acid and stir well. Put all fruit in fermenting bag and squeeze over primary to extract most of juices and then put bag in primary. Pour the 1 gallon of boiling water with all dissolved sugar over fruit. Add another 3/4 gallon of cool water in. Take 4 cups of water and the 2 cups of Cocoa powder and mix in blender on low speed and then add this to primary and stir well. You should have a SG of around 1.110 give or take a little, if more then add a little more water, if less then add a little more dissolved sugar in small amount of water as sugars from fruit can vary a little. Let sit for 12 hours with lid loose or with a cloth covering bucket with elastic band or string tied around so as that not to sag in must. After those 12 hours add your Pectic Enzyme and wait another 12 hours while also adjusting your must temp to around 75 degrees. After those twelve hours, pitch your yeast either by sprinkling yeast, dehydrating yeast per instructions on back of yeast Sachet, or by making a yeast starter a few hours prior to the 12 hour mark. At this point either leave primary lid off with the cloth again, place lid on loose or snap the lid shut with airlock. Punch down cap twice daily to get all fruit under the liquid level. When SG reaches 1.015, rack to 3 gallon carboy and let finish fermenting with bung and airlock attached. When wine is done fermenting, (check a few days in a row to make sure SG does not change and SG should be around .998 or less), you can stabilize your wine now with 1/8 tsp of K-Meta powder and 1 1/2 tsp of Potassium Sorbate. At this Point I took all extra ingredients listed above and stirred it all in well and then add the wine to it and stir that in and add fining agent the transfer back to glass at which point you will have approximately 3 1/2 gallons. When cleared, rack off lees and bottle or bulk age with another 1/4 tsp of k-meta.
hi Wade E,
I'm sooo gonna have a go at this one! I'm in NZ and it's not strawberry season yet, would frozen ones be ok? If so would quantities be the same?
I'm not sure yet where to get choc essence, is this essential? and the strawberry Daquiri mix, i think we have these here, they are a kit (dry) and you mix and freeze. do you need three of these? What size are the ones available there? Just so I can compare and get the recipe straight. how long do you age this one?
Sorry for all the questions.
Wa, you may be able to get the ingredients you need at Liquor****, your closest local takeaway.
Where do you get the Chocolate Extract?
And where do you get Monin Strawberry Syrup
What yeast you use..
Just finished a batch and it's outstanding. The only alterations I made to the recipe was 20lbs frozen strawberries instead of 15lb fresh, I used 1/2 cup wine conditioner instead of 2 lbs of sugar after stabalized. I prefer to use the conditioner for sweetening because it is premixed with sorbate so there are no worries of a ferment restart.
UMMM, yes there is, that conditioner only contains enough sorbate to prevent the product from fermenting, not the wine from re fermenting!!!!! Lots of products contain sorbate just so that it doesnt ferment if it contacts some wild yeast! Glad you liked it though!
Sorry Tom, never saw the post, I used Cotes Des Blanc to extract lots of fruit flavor. I also did not use Monin Syrup but an all natural syrup from a fruit stand but needed to add something to the recipe that was available just about anywhere for people and that stuff is available in almost every store or coffee or pancakes. The Chocolate extract I used was from a Chef's high end store but you could get this stuff from internet or a import store near you, I wouldnt use some cheap stuff in a grocery store for this 1!
Hi Wade,

Would a D-47 yeast work all right for this recipe?

What yeast would you recomend?
Lalvin D-47

Hi Wade,

Would a D-47 yeast work all right for this recipe?

What yeast would you recomend?

Hi Allen... I'm not a pro like Wade, but I'm gonna give you my input on this one. Wade will get around to this and will correct anything I say that is erroneous.
Wade stated that he uses Red Star Cote des Blancs yeast on his port because it retains more of the fruity flavor that you want in a port. It is a slower fermenter than most yeasts, but the extra few days it takes is worth it.
I am sure the Lalvin D-47 yeast will work, and it will do a fine job, but the Cote des Blancs is hard to beat for this application.
Let's see what Wade says... good luck.
sorry for my ignorance, but does anyone know why this three gallon recipe have to be racked into a 6 gal carboy?
well Wade I stuck my foot in my mouth on this one. For the last couple of nights I've got off work and pulled a half glass out of the carboy with the wine thief. As I was sipping away I noticed a bubble in the airlock so I stared at it, and sure enough it fermenting again. I stabalized about 2 weeks ago and added the secondary ingredients. 1 week ago I put in sparkloid, and it's beautiful and clear and taste wonderful. Is there any way to stop the secondary fermentation? or should I just let it do it's thing? The SG is at 1.010:a1
or could this action in the airlock just be the sparkloid. this is my first time using sparkloid so i'm not sure
Keep checking the sg to see if its just letting some gas out. Fermentation would be more active more likely if its was that starting up again. Use the tool!
there has been no change in 24 hours, I'm thinking if no change for another 24 I'll go ahead and bottle.
Still no change so it's bottled. Two nieghbor ladies, the wife and I put down almost 3 bottles last night. I can surely say that they walked home sideways:):d
Hi Wade,

I was just wondering if you add the 2lbs of sugar at the end of fermentation to back-sweeten the wine? If so, can less be added to make it dryer? If I wanted to make a smaller batch (ie: 1 Gal), can I just divide everything by 3?


Wade. I have a 4 oz bottle of LD Carlson Chocolate fruit flavoring for beer & wine. Directions say to use 4-5 oz per 5 gallons. Do you think this would work or is this the cheap flavoring you advised against?
:) gonna so have to do this next on list!! but my question is a reapeat that i didnt see answer for (forgive me if i overlooked it, its been a long day)

why do we rack into a 6G carboy if its a 3G batch??
Sorry, just fixed that as I never noticed that in my instructions everyone. All my recipes are designed for 6 gallon batches except this one so I did a lot of copy and pasting and never caugh that mistake!!!!!!!!!! Im very sorry for the confusion!!!!!!!!!

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