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Nov 6, 2006
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Any one getting Chilean Juice this year? If so where are you from?
I have 60 gallons ordered here in NJ

Has anyone made Chilean wine from grapes or juice?
Have not made it but have tasted many wines from both grapes and juices and they have all been very good, better then the Ca. and Italian IMO, with the exception of a few.

I see some Carmenere or Malbec in your future.
Wish i had the money to get some of these right now but must be frugal at this time.
I hear you @$. To bad you are not closer. The prices are GREAT ! :D
I can get them at some pretty decent prices to but still too much right now with my wife going through nursing school ($32,000) and my son going through clothes like crazy and no O.T. for the last 7 months.
Chilean wine

I think the Chilean product in body and taste are better than both the Cal's,and the Ttys,I think thay have a better climate in general for the production of grapes and the finished product really doesn,t require aging unless you require it,that being said,the Cal's. do have good points there cabs are very good,voignier excellent if you cool ferment it,the Ttys can't bet there brolo,amarone,sangenavess,so they all have their good points for me,its all a matter of taste:)
The Chilean Malbec is awesome.

I am a purveyor of grapes and grape juices for winemaking.
Once my customers try the Chilean Malbec, they are hooked on it for life.
Have you gotten any Chilean juice yet?
Will you be getting and Italian juice/grapes? Their Amarone is delish... Hmmm....
Chilean wine

bottled my Chilean melbec and cal. cab last night drank a small bottle of each while i was doing it ( of course) staggered up the stairs and fell fast a sleep..............peacefully
Is that because you had "insects" in your wine? I heard that having "insects" in your wine can give you a BUZZ.
Tom, which varietals did you order from Chili?

I'm trying some Italians for the first time in awhile. I started 20L of Verdicchio this Easter weekend, and I've ordered 20L each of Barolo, Merlot, and Ruby Cabarnet for pickup next weekend.

It's possible they might have some Chilean juices here once the season is really underway, but the only thing available in my area is a sterile Cab (last years?) for about $90 per 23L. I just wonder how they make them "sterile" - heat, irradiated, etc. and how this might affect the taste. They're stored in completely sealed buckets without even a pressure release valve or pin hole.
Lets see :h
12 gallons of Carmenere
12 " " Malbec
12 " " Red Zinfandel
6 " " Cabernet Franc
6 " " Cab/Merlot blend
6 " " Pinot Noir
6 " " Syrah
6 " " Pinot Grigio
All of these I have been making from juice for a few years.
I just picked up 6 gallons of Malbec and 6 gallons of Zinfandel
I tested the SG of both. It was 1.090 on both. It seems ok to me :b
I just picked up 6 gallons of Malbec and 6 gallons of Zinfandel
I tested the SG of both. It was 1.090 on both. It seems ok to me :b

I will pick up my 12 buckets this Sunday. Where in CT did you get it?
Well I picked up my Chilean Juice and here is how they measure up
Well I picked up my 12 6gallon buckets of Chilean juice this AM.
I got
12 gal Red Zin @ 1.090
12 gal Malbec @ 1.090
12 gal Carmenere @ 1.100
12 gal Pinot Grigio @ 1.110
6 gal Syrah @ 1.096
6 gal Pinot Noir @ 1.096
6 gal Cab/Merlot blend @ 1.094
6 gal Cab/Franc @ 1.096

A good day today !


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