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Username says it all!
Dec 4, 2009
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Hello Everyone!

Just finished my first batch of wine and decided I need some help! Wanna get some tips and tricks from those who are much more experienced than myself. From the posts I have read so far looks like a good active community of winemakers. Looking forward to to chatting with everyone!

Now, What did you make and whats next?
The first batch, which I just finished, was a Moments Red - Chianti. It was a learning process which I will go into detail in another thread in the Beginner's Area. I need some feedback and help. But I like the whole process so far. Thanks for the welcomes!
Welcome here, Im glad you joined us and would be thrilled to hepl you along this adventure.
Welcome Nubee, I like the handle too!(Dig it), sorry Upper, it is a good line from you.

Keeping your individual questions in the appropriate threads makes it a whole lot easier for you, and for us, to keep track of the specific questions and will help to get you a more timely response

Ask away.


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