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May 29, 2009
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I bought a bottle of Consumer Reports recommended Chilean Carmenere about a month ago. I didn't care fore the taste. It was quite dry which was ok, it was just the taste that I didn't care for. Two weeks ago, I bottled some of my Carmenere and lo and behold, it had the same taste as the commercial. Not quite as dry, but the same taste. I guess I will change my Genos order for next week. It'll be my first Malbec but I did buy a commercial bottle of malbec which I had never before tasted that I liked, so I'll still get the Malbec.
I really like a good Malbec - a little tart but spicy. It is probably my favorite wine.
Lurker You can come to my home to "taste" wines you may consider making,CA,Italian and Chilean :sm
I agree with Lurker and am not crazy for Carmenere either but do love a Malbec. I have both a kit Malbec which was a high en kit and also made some from grapes last year which I just bottled about 2 months ago. The kit was awesome and the batch from grapes is still a little to young to tell but i think I should have played with the tannins a little.