Can I sue the Pet Store for discimination?

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Oct 26, 2008
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This isn't bullsheet. I happened to be at the pet store today. They sell these little mice to feed to your snake.(all of you who have snakes in the house), weirdoes!

Some of you may know, I have three cats in my lil cabin, they live to hunt, but in the winter they don't even go out after -20F, where the shrews go, I don't know. So anyway, I decided to buy 3 mice, and may the fasted mice win. YEAH, I was going to let them go inside my cabin. I could probably give my poor Mother a heart attack if she even knew I was considering this, but I am stone cold serious. Cat nip makes them crazy, and there is only enough room for one crazy being i this cabin, it's me!, and figuring, I pay for the rent, I am the only crazy one allowed!!

So I select my mice and I go to pay for them, and I made mention to the clerk my intentions, and she refused to sell them to me!!! No sheet! She said it was "torture" for the mice.

I guess a snake eats them and it's not so bad.

The manager wasn't in so I had no resolve, but isn't that crazy? My cats would have licked my feet to have a live mouse(mice) to chase in the dead of winter.

By now you are convinced I am out of my mind, it's probably tue!

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Well I think the problem is you left the cat out of the bag :slp

I do not think that those buying meeses for their snakes are telling that is what they are doing.

Maybe try again with a different clerk, but shush don't say anything just smile :p

Whats a guy gotta do? The cats dig through the grocery bags when I come home. yesterday I had cat nip!!!YIKES I wish I could catch a buzz(from a bee) that fast.

I promised them treats, and when I came home, I had none, I had to go with plan "B", tuna. And then Momma cat brought up the cream of musroom soup, so I had to open one of those for them.

I tried to bread up 2 #'s of shrimp to freeze the other night, I think I have only 1 pound left. It's just not fair!!
Boy YOUR cats eat well!
Soup and shrimp :fsh !

Guess you dont use a refrigerator this time of year right?
Don't be silly! Of course I use a refrigerator, it keeps the beer at an optimal drinking temperature!:D

It hasn't got above freezing outside for months so yeah, outside in one of the BBQ's I have a few salmon a turkey, a few chickens a pork roast, and oh yeah, the last dog that came around trying to cause my cats grief!!:gb

I have been accused of spoiling my cats. I think thats inaccurate, I prefer to think of it as though they have me well trained!:D

I used to buy them canned cat food with the gravy, all they did was lick the gravy and leave the chunks. They're not stupid, they know its bullsheet scraps from the factory. So now I buy canned gravy or cream of mushroom soup, they lick it, lick me, and they are still convinced I am God!

My next task is to find me a woman who likes cream of mushroom soup!!! ROTFLMFAO now!

Not lying, I really wanted to buy those mice, and now the gal thinks I am a freak. Bullsheet! These cats go flippin nuts during the summer chasing and hunting shrews and birds etc., maybe that lil gal should join PETA, "People Eating Tasty Animals". Now I have to find a way to go back and buy these mice again, if she's there I am toast. i may have to buy baby guinae pigs! A guy just cant win. I thought all night trying to figure out how to convince the girls that there was such a thing as white mice. Oh well, still have a few cans of crm of mushroom left.

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Thought abought a "misu" stuffing but that aint gonna happen. Now I'll have to go back and hope this girl isn't working again, I'm not BS'ing you, I really was gonna by some mice for the cats to catch and, well, whatever they do with them. She sais flat out she wasn't going to sell them to me if I was going to let them loose for the cats. WTF? Ever seen a snake catch one? Kinda freaky, I watched my buddy's boa get a bunny rabbit for its diner, he had itlocked in the kitchen, and man, that was freaky!! I may need to consult some Korean friends on the dog, though I am sure it is unlikely they will sell me one of those either!!!

Troy, you ever use a laser pointer to play with your cats. Its a riot when they try to catch that dot. I'll tell you my mice experience. When I was younger we caught a half a dozen field mice and put them in the mail box. When the mailman pulled up and opened the mailbox box they ran up his arm and he dang near crashed his jeep when he hit the gas to take off. :TX It was just as much fun watching him open the mailbox the next couple of days wondering what was going to jump out!
under US law it is illegal to discriminate in cases of age, race, sex and national origan. It is ok to refuse to sell to someone because they are say ugly,cute ect ect ect,. It is still a free country. But it is America and if you find a lawyer willing to work a constituency, and doers run up expenses, go for it
I do indeed have a laser pointer, but only my yougest cat, wells shes 2 chases it, in fact she is beyond obsessed with it. I swear, I can have the music blaring, 5 people talking and that cat can hear the click of that light from a mile away. It is crazy, I said obsessed, but it is beyond that, this cat lives to chase that light.

I have a good friend who used to work for a vet. One day when she was new to the job, a guy walked in, walked over to the bulletin board, and started taking down listings for "free to good home" kittens. My friend (HUGE cat lover. No, she's not huge, and she doesn't just love huge cats, but you get my drift) thought "Now this is a nice guy to give a stray kitty a home like that.

Next month, same thing. She's really impressed with this fellow's generosity towards all things living - great and small - now.

Third month, guy comes in again, takes down notices, and leaves. She turned to one of the other employees and said "That guy sure is nice to take in all those cats, but how in the world does he find homes for them?"

The coworker just looked over at my friend with pursed lips and said "That 'guy' has a 12 foot Burmese Python at home."

Much as I love this old fat cat of mine, I fell out my chair when she told us that story.

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