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Nov 24, 2008
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There are several cabernet sauvignon commercial wines that have a pronounced licorice aftertaste. I really like this but have not been able to reproduce it in any of the wines I have made. Any ideas about how this is done? A special yeast or additive? Add licorice root to fermentation, add Sambuca or licorice oil to wine?
Sort of doubt that commercial product would have additives such as you suppose in them. Hard to say for sure - know that it is definately not on in my part of the planet. Think it would be a combination of terroir, yeast and aging.
Doing your own you could experiment though, maybe racking on to licorice root after primary?
My Family adds grapa to the wine sometimes during bottling. If you want I would try a quarter shot of zambuca when bottling to see if you get the flavor you are looking for. Do it on 3 or 4 bottles, the liquor wont do anything to the wine b/c that's how they make port (wine + brandy).

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