RJ Spagnols cabarnet savignon bitter?

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Dec 20, 2008
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i made a cabarnet savignon wine from a grand cru kit. it has been bottled for about 3-4 weeks now.

we tried it last night and ppl said it was good but a bit bitter. left a bitter taste in the mouth after.

we were just drinking it socially. is this wine supposed to taste bitter. i am not a wine drinker so i dont know what it is supposed to tast like.

or is this normal for this stage of the kit to be bitter?
I dont know about your kit but I do know cab. sauv. needs alot more time then other wines to age out and taste good. It has to do with the tannins from the seeds.Alot of winemakers refer to cab.sauv. grapes as buckshot on barbwire(small berries and alot of seeds). Give it more time to age out and I'm sure you will like it more after it ages some more.
The bitterness could be tannins as Racer suggested. It could also br CO2. Some people interpret it as bitterness.

Way too early to open a wine like that despite what the directions say about how many weaks it takes. Give it another 2 months min.

what about a shiraz,. how long does that need to sit after bottling before i cna begin to enjoy it.
Shiraz is a bigger red too that needs some time in a bottle to age out better for you.If your looking for a red that is less tannic try a beaujolais style wine kit.