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Buon Vino Mini Jet Filter $150, plus actual shipping

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Dec 24, 2005
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Lowered price to $130. Thanks

I bought a Buon Vino Mini Jet Filter about 4 years ago. I used it once in 2006. Then it sat on a shelf because I got into beer making. I used it one other time on my wines that I've had. I still do wine, but not very often and I have much more time to let them settle naturally. So why the explanation? Well 'cause I'm selling it now because I do not use it. Here are pics. It comes in the original box. It has all the lines you will need to filter your wine. You WILL need to buy filters.

I will ship for actual cost of shipping from Zip code 84118 via UPS. Please look it up if you have questions.

I will accept paypal payment (to keep both parties safe).

Included are some pics of the unit. If you have any questions feel free to email me at.... (email address removed by St Allie)

Thanks for looking.


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Hello Ryan,

welcome to the forum...

I have removed your posted email address, as it is in your best interest that you don't advertise your personal contact details on the web.

Anyone that wishes to contact Ryan regarding this classified is advised to do so by private message.


Thanks to the info. I looked at best prices when I did list it. If you could post that link for me I will definitely lower the price. But I think they may have gone up in price since they were that cheap.
Here's the prices as of today. I wonder what you paid for a four year old machine? The price you're asking is up to you of course. I am just trying to assist you in your sale, I do not have any personal interest in buying it.

Special Offer! CAD $134.99

Jet Filter Machine - Mini
The Buon Vino MiniJet has been designed with the small quantity winemaker in mind. It is the perfect ...


Special Offer! CAD $23.99

Jet Filter Pads - Mini / 10 packs
All Buon Vino wine filters have been designed to use ORIGINAL Buon Vino Filter Pads. The micron sizes ...
I may have to lower my price. In the meantime I've looked at that link and found it's $143 to buy, and that didn't seem to include shipping. I've sent the company a link to find the right price.

Still when I search Google prices seem to be in the $180 price range. If it doesn't sell then I can think about lowering the price, or just keep it and use it next year if I decide to filter.

I appreciate your input.
Welcome here Ryan. Gonna hang around here? You might also know me from FVW!! hehehehe
Hey Wade! Yeah, I've taken some time off but my supply is starting to run low, so I'm thinking wine again. Maybe this will buy me a nice kit if I sell :)

Good to see you around!
Dan and Tom,
I've just got confirmation that the filter shipped to mr would be $177. So I am over priced. I'm going to lower th price to 130. Thanks for your help.
Hey Ryan I think thats a fair price and you'll be getting that kit you want soon. Did you advertise it on Craigs list also? I know a lot of us on here check that site all the time for deals.
I am inter4sted in buying this pump. I live in Taylorsville Ut. Do you still have it available?