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Mar 30, 2009
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I am getting ready to bottle my first batch, I back sweetend and put potassium sorbate in it and racked it into a new carboy with airlock, and now it is pushing the water in the airlock like it is fermenting again. how long does it usually take to stop when you do this?
Did you also add k-meta first? Did you add the right amount of sorbate per gallon? Did you decas your wine as it could be C02?
Did you degas before adding the sugar and sorbate? Also, K-meta should have been added along with the sorbate. What was the S.G. when you added the sorbate ( are you sure it was done fermenting?)
Not trying to be critical of your actions, just looking for more info.
Good question with the DONE FERMENTING. id you check a fw days in a row to make sure the sg was still not going down. It is very hard to stop a fermentation in progress uless you add so much k0meta that it will ruin your win e forever!

just checking here.. you waited til it was fermented out.. checked SG? added Campden ( or K-meta), added sorbate, back sweetened and it's started to referment again? If my wine is still gassy it will fizz after the addition of the campden too. so I add sorbate and put in a cold place to shake gently every day til the gas is done.

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Sounds like a simple dagassing problem. Did you degas?
Cold places will keep C02 in suspension, try and get it to around 75* as that is a good temp tom get all the gas out of your wine.
did not degas

I did not degas, That is probably why it is pushing the water in the airlock. ok I don't have a de-gasser but I do have a drill. What can I use in a pinch? I did not put any campden or k meta, i used 1/2 tsp of potasium sorbate. should I use a campden tablet I have some of them but I have no k-meta. Thanks

Oh I almost for got this is a one gallon batch.
Definetly add some k-meta(always add k-meta before sorbate to make sure you dont have MLF (Malolactic fermentation). You can use a wooden dowel that has been sanitized or just use a big spoon and do it manually.
Bother! I should have explained it better..

cold is around 75 degrees here Wade.. we are still having a gorgeous sunny autumn. if I leave a gassy wine in the house at the moment, all I get is fizz and liquid expansion and wine in the airlock.

Have moved my finished and clearing wines into the barn which has a concrete floor and is much cooler.

Bulk age it for a while and it will degas on its own. The carbon dioxide in the carboy should protect the wine.

Thanks everyone for all the help. The degassing worked just fine, but I will still give it a few days before I bottle it. this is my first Batch I started it in feb. and I have a strawberry that is about one month and a apple raspberry that is 7 days. Can't wait to start another
:p lets see the blackberries are blooming here so that may be next. but i am sure that I will have something else going before they get ripe. I went to my first wine tasting over the weekend it was interesting. the winery is in Spencer West Virgina the guy moved it here from California, they have a website it is

Thanks again


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