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May 19, 2010
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How do you guys get your bottles? I always find myself trying to find ways to get bottles. Buying bottles are quite expensive. Reusing and sanitizing seems to be the best but still I am barely keeping up collecting with the batches I am making. The $1 a piece bottles available locally are not great bottles.
Talk to a restaurant to see if they can hold back their empty wine bottles for you.
My LHBS sponsors alot of wine tastings. They save them for anyone who wants them, not a ton of wine makers here so I usually get the most of them..

As opposed to a bar or tavern, contact a fine dining restaurant. More likely to serve wine. The promise of a bottle or two of your product might get them to save them for you. Be sure you pick them up as promised. Noone is going to want to have cases of empty bottle piling up except us who make the stuff!!!
LOL exactly. I live in a dry county. Restaurants are mainstream around here and still a ways away. Will see what I can do.
How does that work in a dry county? ou can still have alcohol, but not by it right?

We have villages here and they are dry. And they mean it. No alcohol allowed in any shape or form.

Its not the same as what you refer to as a dry county right?
I'm in a dry town. I go to some BYOB/W restaurants and pick up wine bottles. Let all your friends know you are looking for bottles you be surprised who drinks wine. Just ask for the empties.
I get mine from a recycling center(dump, transfer station) that is not eve my town but 2 towns over. I call them on Saturday Morn and ask then to save them and when I get there about 2:30 in the afternoon they usually have 130 or there abouts for me and I throw them a few bottles of my wine and they are thrilled. If there are any wineries near you that do tastings ask them as they are not allowed by law to reuse them. I grabbed 7 cases last time I went to a tasting.
Wow wade.. good idea. There is a brand new winery in my area.
The recycling center cant recycle them or do they just save them for you instead? I would die if I got 130 bottles LOL. That would last me a bit.
artic... no dry around here just means it cant be sold. We have to drive 20 minutes to another county or so that is "wet"
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Thanks for that idea Wade. There are a number wineries not too far from here. I never knew that before.
Not as long as you think. A 5 gallon batch will take 2 cases. Get as many as you can whenever or whereever you can.

Someone else mentioned not long ago about getting them from a winery. They may be able to sell them to you at a good price. They get them by the truckload.

Free ones are always better though. LOL
As for the wine bottles they actually take them out of the dumpster for me.
You must offer them some fine wine for them to do that for you buddy!!!
Nice. My uncle is a trash man in a nicer neighborhood around here. He usually gets about 20 a week or so but my dad scoops those up LOL I get what he doesnt like out of the group.
I get all the bottles I want for 2.00 a case from the Wineries around here. There are some that give em away free but you only get a case or two. Its worth it for me to just go and pick up 15 20 cases at a time and pay the 2 bucks.
I could start a whole new thread about dumpster diving. We have transferstations scattered around the borough.

It is an art and a science around here.

I am not cheap, I am poor!!! LOL
I could start a whole new thread about dumpster diving. We have transferstations scattered around the borough.

It is an art and a science around here.

I am not cheap, I am poor!!! LOL

With the economy the way it is...none of us are above dumpster diving. Nothing is better than free.
I am not talking about looking for food!! I have seen people build houses with reclaimed stuff.

I know many people who make a pretty decent living from the dumpster finds. Scrap metal alone.

My entire computer came from the dumpster as did all the other ones, including the one I found and sold the next day for 300 dollars.

Dont get me started on diving. Tools?? dont have time to list all the tools I have got from the dumpster.

Me too with transfer stations. I live in a vry rich town although I am not rich!!!! 2 blocks away the houses are mansions but mine is a decent cape. I have 2 computers that came from there, a 19" flat screen monitor. 4 bicycles, a Powermatic wood planer, a 3 phone cordless phone system, and a couple leather office chairs. Im sure there is more but cant think at the minute. There are big tvs there all the time and one of these days Im going to buy a power inverter to test some of these tvs.