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Nov 26, 2008
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I am getting bottles rounded up to start bottling my first batches.
A friend gave me 20 of these Jack Daniels Single Barrel Whiskey, they have cork stoppers that I will replace with new ones and hold 750ml
Are these worth cleaning up or should I get wine bottles?
I have used similar whiskey bottles that seem to have worked fine. But then I have not had them for a year yet..

Now to hear what the experts say?
I've never seen them used, but the bottle shape would be of no concern. My only reservation, having never really looked closely at the neck of a JD bottle, is whether or not the neck is the right size and strength for a cork. If it is, then I can't imagine a reason not to. On the plus-side, they won't roll around when you lay them on their side. LOL
If you dont ues them i would gladly take them off your hands and pay the shipping.
If you dont ues them i would gladly take them off your hands and pay the shipping.
damn it Wade, you beat me to it! those are cool bottles no matter what!
fwiw/ i'd use them to do wine, course, wine dont last long here!
I bottled 2 of my gallon batches this morning
On the left is a Pear and right is a Cranberry/Apple :D
My wife wants to save the pretty JD bottles for special occasions and gifts


The wine looks great, but any reason why the corks aren't all the way in?


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