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Bottle Filling Machines

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Jun 24, 2009
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Looking for a portable, easy to use and affordable bottle filling machine? Check out Vigneron Specialty Products. We have machines that are perfect for bottling small to medium size batches of wine.

Happy bottling!

Ouch! Worth it I guess if you own a winery and dont want to pay a few people to do this job to keep overhead down though!!!
Yeah, you and I don't need anything like that but if you have a winery it is almost a must to have something like that. I have seen them cost a whole lot more.
For the home wine maker (like nearly all of us), there are two interesting fillers. The Enolmatic and the Fill Jet. I used the Fill Jet when I ran the FoP. For me it works great. I still own a Fill Jet but mine needs repairs. I have had the parts for over a year, it's not a tough update, but I haven't been bothered to do it. Bottling with the filling wand works great for me. Actually my wife usually does the filling, and she hasn't complained that I haven't fixed the Fill Jet.


We have 3 different models to choose from. Our two bottle filler, the XF230 is $1395 and our four bottle filler is $2295 or $2595 for the adjustable shelf. The XpressFill machine's new design is extremely user-friendly, comes with a digital timer and performs with outstanding precision - within 1.5 ml accuracy, calibrated at the factory. All XpressFill bottle filling machines come with a satisfaction-guaranteed warranty.

XpressFill bottling systems have a closed pathway with a self-priming pump. This helps eliminate oxidation in the bottling process, a benefit over some gravity-based systems.

For older Vigneron/XpressFill machines that were purchased under the previous owner, we are offering great deals on upgrading these machines with the new technology.
wines just fine?

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What is the procedure to fill the bottle?

I want to know the process of filling bottles.

Is it for dry liquids?
I want to know the process of filling bottles.

Is it for dry liquids?

No Chriswood it is for liquid solids coming from the pits of passion fruit.